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Welcome to our new blog!

Posted by nechc on May 18, 2007

Welcome to our blog.  We certainly hope this will be a fun and helpful spot.


2 Responses to “Welcome to our new blog!”

  1. Thanks for joining the community.’

  2. Jeffb said


    I am immensely proud of you for having the tenacity and insight to see the need for outreach and evangelization to those local Catholics considering home schooling. Post as much information as you can to assure people that there is a great community of support for anyone who feels called by God (or poor public school educators) to home school.

    Worth mentioning, we did not choose this to “beat” the public schools! The true value of home schooling is in the ability to form character. If you give a child the tools they need to teach themselves, form them into Godly people of character, then they have the rest of their life to acquire knowledge.

    Yes, your kids will get at least as much book-learning (probably more) as they would get in public schools. This is not a very high “bar” to aim for.

    Socialization: they will get it from other people, the ones that you choose! When was the last time you were in a room filled with 25 other people within a year of your own age? Simply stated, if done correctly the social interaction that you can provide your children while home schooling is more natural than public schooling. Make sure to keep them involved and engaged with other (church, sports, scouts, support groups, co-ops………).

    Peace, Jeff

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