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Mary’s top 10: Helps for an Organized Home

Posted by nechc on May 31, 2007

1. 1000 Vegetarian Recipes or any other Veggie cookbook  — throw out most others, you can easily add chicken or beef.
2. Don’t accept freebee’s you can’t use unless you know a charity that could use it.
3. Create storage that allows you to take advantage of good deals. For a year we spent every overtime dollar stocking up. We were in good shape when the OT dried up.
4. Ask ‘why?’  In Confessions of an Organized Homemaker the author tells of going crazy every Wed. That was Laundry Day but the class she wanted was only offered that day. When she finally asked herself ‘Why?’ she realized she had set laundry day arbitrarily when she got married. There was no reason it couldn’t change.
5. Plan days to be at home. You can’t keep up a home you’re never in.
6. Plan days for errands. Warn the family which days you can go out. Have a map, a list, diapers AND wipes, snacks. And I love my Cell!!
7. Like items together. All art has one place in our home. I know when it needs to be cleaned out and when we need supplies. Everyone knows where to find a pencil.
8. Calendar area with a place for all schedules, invites, phone numbers.
9. 10 minute clean up before Dad comes home, before every meal or trip out of the house
10. Homeschool so that you can train each child to be competent in caring for a home.  (Single life vocation means girls need to unclog sinks and understand cars and boys need to hem and cook)

Lord, We pray that our children find Your Peace in our homes and seek to provide the same in the homes they create. Amen


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