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Mary's Top 10 Dad's

Posted by nechc on June 17, 2007

My husband, this Father’s Day, celebrates his first year with an adult son. As we have another 15 years before our youngest reaches adulthood we are certainly not done our work, but it seems a good time to reflect.  We want our children to love their Father because he needs it and so do they. But also because it will help them know and love and listen to their Heavenly Father. Here are some of the best Father’s Day gifts for those men who make us proud.

1.  Date night. My father loves to see that the 5 of us girls who are married value our marraiges. I hope he knows its because we know how he valued our mother and saw that as a gift.
2. Father Daughter time. One of our ladies began a Father Daughter dance a decade ago. Every year 400 people pack the biggest church hall available. The dads get to show the girls how a gentleman treats a lady and the girls see Dad’s as a prince.
3. Hobby: Fishing, golf, woodworking, jewelry making, music, cars whatever! Men are incredibly creative, physical beings. If their mind and muscles aren’t working they aren’t happy.
4. If they eat your cooking say Thank you.
5. If they cook for you say THANK YOU!
6. Don’t look at the whiskers in the sink—- look at the freshly shaved face.
7. Ignore the mess or pick it up: a clean house is a lonely house.
8. Discipline: everytime you support him, his children will respect him more. And they will listen better next time to him and God.
9. Pray for him. Offer your Mass for him, your Rosary. Ask him what he needs prayed for and promise to do it. Start your homeschool day in prayer and have the children pray for him. “Bless the work of his hands, go before him, help him to have good friends and respectable colleagues.”
10. Thank God for him, and your Dad, and his Dad. Daily.

Lord, help us as mother’s to honor our husbands in our school and home. Let us always see the moments when they need an encouraging word and help us to be grateful for the many things the do to make our lives joyful. Help us to raise our children well so our daughters will respect men, our sons will respect women and they will raise holy, happy, faithful families to Your Name. If it be your will Bless us with a child with the vocation of a life consecrated to you in Holy Orders or Religious life. Amen.


One Response to “Mary's Top 10 Dad's”

  1. wmch said

    Thank you Mary. I know I could not do it without the dad.
    Dad Mom = works. We compliment each other. I believe that God matches us up in this way… if we let him and we resign ourselves to his will. Family emerges from his plan!
    Prayer is the key to this all happening!

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