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Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics

Posted by nechc on June 24, 2007

Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics
A practical guide for evangelizing in the real world.
by Paul E. Nowak
As in GA for Life Issues Mr. Nowak has given us a way to go from defense of our faith to offense. Using the Socratic method of asking open ended questions that encourage looking at the world from a different perspective allows us to be pleasant and conversational, to maintain friendships and relationships. After all you can’t Evangelize if no one will listen to you.
That said this is the beginner book. He focuses on the tactic and the primary questions non Catholics are likely to ask and you may need another resource, like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as backup. He works on 10 questions which are sufficient to start a person considering the Catholic Church. He gives excellent advice for the moments you are asked about something you do not understand and compassionate tactics for when your ‘opponent’ is stumped. Resources included are a list of the founders of the major protestant sects and a complete list of Popes from Peter till Benedict XVI.
Excellent way to approach those of other faiths and a particularly good book for introducing the concept of Apologetics to young people.
Available here.


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