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A Poll: Good and Bad Catholic Speakers

Posted by nechc on July 24, 2007

One of the things we have been working on concerning a Catholic conference is ‘where do homeschoolers fit.’ So far I have met with the Sister who runs the Catholic schools, the priest who runs a Men’s Conference with those interested in a Women’s Conference and I still need to meet the Sister in charge of Religious Education. All this before we meet the Bishop.
The group running a Women’s Conference is going very well and we had a very interesting discussion about Conservative Vs Liberal. The consensus was drawn more easily than I could have hoped in a group as diverse as we are. Our goal is to drop those labels entirely. We plan to chose speakers who are challenging, intelligent, humorous and who are theologically sound in matters of Faith.
I was very pleased. The woman searching out possibilities brought us names I had not heard as well as famous women, (in Catholic circles) and women from all walks of life.
So what about you? What speakers have you heard and loved? Who just parroted what was in their book? Who challenged you? Inspired? Healed? Who did you have high hopes for only to find their Theology was outside of the Magisterium?


2 Responses to “A Poll: Good and Bad Catholic Speakers”

  1. Teresa said

    I was researching on line opportunities for public speaking and came across this website.

    I am a catholic mother who homeschooled my 2 children from K-12th grade. My 24 yr old son is now in his last year at Ave Maria University in Florida in the pre-theologate program, discerning the priesthood and my 23 yr old daughter is just finishing her first year as a postulant in the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Nebraska, the religious community she entered last January.

    I have done public speaking for the past several years in various settings in my parish, high schools, youth groups, womens’ groups and young mother’s groups.I have done personal witness talks about our faith journey as a family as well as my own personal witness. I have just recently been recording my talks as I believe this is the direction Our Lord is now calling me to as my children have grown older and the opportunities have presented themselves for mentoring younger mothers.

    I do not really know how to go about public speaking out of my immediate area. That is why I am writing you. If there is an interest on your part I would be happy to send you a cd of one of my recent talks.

    May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you with continued graces for the work and encouragement you are providing.

    In Christ,
    Teresa Lanowich

  2. mum2best7 said

    Sorry It took so long to see your comment! Absolutely send me info at brazeaus at
    We are at a crossroads because so many of us have had more than difficult times this school year. Your prayers would be appreciated. I’d still love to have a conference.
    One thing I know is you should set a price per talk, per 2 talks or per weekend. (travel expenses aside) You can always still speak for free locally to get the word out but you will have quantified the value of the donation and be ready. I’ve seen prices as low as $800 for known authors, one talk.

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