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Digging in the Dirt

Posted by nechc on August 5, 2007


School is almost finished. We only have a few last pages in a few last subjects to finish up. Yesterday was the last recital of the season. I am spent.


Today, I am going outside to dig in the dirt. I am not going to think about school. No flutes, violins, soccer, Challenge Club, video classes, drama classes, Science Co-op, not even dental appointments… OK I will feed the kids… but that’s it.


Why do we do this homeschool thing?? Here in Massachusetts, we do it because we dare not send our children into a system where they indoctrinate children with liberalism and relativism. That’s simple. Am I called by God to homeschool?  I guess so. Unfortunately, I feel more forced by our society to homeschool. There aren’t a lot of options here in Massachusetts.


Our courts recently heard a case about a parent who did not want his first grade child to be taught about “alternate lifestyles.”  This after he was arrested at his child’s school for complaining about the reading of the book “The Two Kings” (Of course, the kings lived happily ever after.)  This man was not irate or violent. He simply wanted to be notified about such teachings and to have the option to remove his child from the classes. The teacher and principal said they could not accommodate him. They called the police and had him arrested.


Ultimately, it went to court and the judge basically said, ‘If you don’t like the curriculum, go somewhere else.’ Further, the judge supported the Department of Education in saying that children could not be signed out of classes of this type and that parents would not be notified about these lessons. This is very significant case. Know that from here out, every child in Massachusetts will be taught that they must allow everyone to make their own choices and that those choices are equally valid.


This begs to endanger the future of our society. No longer will there be a moral code that can be adhered to. Here, the immoral is just as good as the moral. If you really think about it, the immoral is being given preferential treatment because everyone has the right to choose immoral behavior. You can never criticize anything immoral here because then you are intolerant.


Think about what this means to us as Catholics. All of the Catholic children attending public schools are being taught this liberal worldview. Perhaps some parents know, understand and can counteract that teaching. Sadly, I don’t think most even understand what is going on.


When these children grow up, our church and its worldview will be unacceptable simply because our church holds to truth.  Who will bar the door against freely accessible abortion?  Who will save our elderly and disabled? Who will fight to allow homeschooling when they determine that we are undermining their indoctrination of America?  


Is the schooling stressing me out?? Oh yes! Can I stop? Not a chance. God needs me to homeschool. Our young ones are the remnant for the future of our church in America.

They will have to be strong to go against the tide. We will have to teach them to live in the world without loosing themselves to it.


Today I will dig in the dirt. I will bury my frustrations for a moment and I will even revel in the beauty of this Great State of Massachusetts. I will be refreshed by nature and good hard work.  I will pray as I work the soil and ask God to show us how to restore His law to our land. Ora et labora. Our church will survive if we keep the rhythm… pray and work.Jane





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