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Poll Results

Posted by nechc on August 10, 2007

I asked people on my other blog what they like in a speaker.

87% said the most important thing was a person who was Challenging, Intelligent, makes you take notes.  Only 2 votes for soemone easy to listen to and only 1 for Lay Person, 1 for Religious.
There was a small preference for Someone I would never meet in my normal circle over someone from the same walk of life.

This is really helpful information. I thank those who participated. I’m impressed but not surprised that Catholics generally want to be challenged. Catholics tend to be a very imaginative bunch. I think of St.  John Bosco using magic to draw in boys to school and church. I think of Chesterton and Tolkein and CS Lewis.  And of course Mother Angelica who saw a future for the church in America when whe looked at her Satelite.

So now, how do we take up the Challenge? What have you heard that inpired you to change the way you live or the way you look at life? How did you hang on to the Grace of the moment and keep the new heart God gave you?


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