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Start of our School Year

Posted by nechc on September 7, 2007

Today our homeschool support group official started our year together. We met at Our Lady of the Lake in Southwick, MA where Fr. Henry Dorsch said Mass for us. He joked that his parking lot looked like a van sale!  We had 8 Moms, a Dad and 35- 40 kids.  He could see why we drive vans.
We make an odd group. Lots of little ones, some moms in veils, some in jeans or khakis. Clean cut boys and the one with long hair. Shy girls and the social ones.
Father has a great gift for averaging the age of a crowd and speaking to the largest group. This week that was very young. After Mass he sets up Adoration again and he helps the children to know what to pray. Its one thing to say just talk to Jesus from your heart but we all know sometimes you need a little help. Then later we had a picnic, brown bag lunch in their pavilion in the woods and cake to celebrate Our Lady’s birthday tomorrow. Sorry but none of us remembered a camera.
The 7 year old set had a real ball playing knights as there was still a castle and Bavarian decorations up from their summer festival.(Father’s parents were from Bavaria) The bigger kids went from sport to sport eventually settling on 4 square. I was happy to see the new kids included.
One family was new and seemed to join right in. we talked about reaching out to the new families from last year who have not been to many activities. We’ve all had years we needed to be at home but its nice to know a few families.
We’ll be praying for each other all year and that makes each day easier!


3 Responses to “Start of our School Year”

  1. Cheryl said

    Hi Mary,
    I did have my camera yesterday, but I forgot to use it!

  2. Christine said

    It was a truly wonderful day. My dear friend Mary who wrote this article should pat her own oldest son present for making sure that new kids were included. I know he went out of his way to draw some new kids into the game. I also want to say that this is an awesome group that is so full of God’s love. It is a safe place to be, surrounded by the love of Christ reflected in our brothers and sisters.

  3. mum2best7 said

    Thanks Christine! and Cheryl I’m just as glad not to have a picture of the cake.

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