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Advent's Coming

Posted by nechc on November 7, 2007

This Christmas I’d love to get back to keeping costs down. But I’m running out of ideas and I’m one who really doesn’t like to do the same thing over and over. Here are some low cost things I’ve done:

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Christmas Tree
Basket of Canned items
DVD for everyone
Book for everyone
Framed Pictures
Forced Dutch Bulbs
House Flags
Home Brew

Now I haven’t done soaps or candles because the scents trigger migraine’s for myself and a daughter. I don’t do chocolates because they aren’t good for me and my son. Food is even out because so many have diabetes or weight issues.  And well, some can take my husband’s beer and I love it way too much to give it up…..

So I’m looking for ideas. Crafts are not my big thing but I’ll Try!!!



One Response to “Advent's Coming”

  1. mum2best7 said

    Update: I gave up and did the whole Black Friday deal. Christmas Tree Shops— a fabulous discounter— had lots of Christmas music under $5. I took advantage of sales at Penny’s and Old Navy, went to AC Moore- the craft store for my artist daughter.

    Any other ideas?

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