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Spiritual Attack? or just life…..

Posted by nechc on November 28, 2007

Spiritual attack is something I’m familiar with in my prayer life. I believe that God has a plan and purpose for my life and that by co-operating with His , will be co-operating with that plan. I know however there is a design against my soul and I must recognize it as such. Christ Jesus’ powerful name is victorious always but that does not mean there will not be a battle or even that there will be no battle scars.
Since begining the work to plan a Conference for New England many hardships have come against many of our dear leaders and volunteers. Many are the things of ordinary life. However they are successive, repetitive, relentless. Like the attack of an enemy.
So I ask you to pray with me for our leaders and volunteers, my friends:

Dearest Lord Jesus,
We ask that you be present today in a powerful way for all those is distress right now. Grant the Peace of Your love to those in danger of missing Your presence. May they cling to the Grace of their Baptism, call upon St. Michael, the Archangel and when necesary hide within Our Blessed Mother’s Mantle.


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