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Creating a Vision

Posted by nechc on February 26, 2008

One of our members is a true pioneer in Catholic Homeschooling. She and her husband pulled their children home very shortly after they first heard about homeschooling and before they knew all it would entail. Peggy has stepped forward to coordinate our co-op but also has been granted the gift of a vision for the future of our organization.
It was already on her mind when she started a training class through our Diocesan Youth Ministry program. We are using many of their ideas in order to create a leadership plan based on section coordinators being helped by an overall coordinator. The set up should allow for the many quirks of Catholic Homeschool families– namely those regularly arriving new babies! we hope to be set up so that no one person has more to do than they can.  We also are reminding people that when they do something they are gifted to do, something they love, then its not work but energizing. It feeds the soul instead of draining a person.
I was so encouraged to have so many at the planning meeting last night, and to have them see our vision and share it.
Thank you Father God for showing us your will, sending your Spirit to inspire us and your Son’s presence to encourage us. Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for us that we would each be humble, patient and quick to offer help.


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