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Mary's Top Ten

Posted by nechc on April 9, 2008

 A 10th Anniversary list of Great Ideas from Great friends!!

1. Pray! AM and PM with the kids or alone or with your husband.
2. Celebrate name days and Baptismal Days
3. Teachers never finish the book!
4. Big kids strengthen skills by helping little ones.
5. Planning a week of meals makes life easier.
6. School schedule should accommodate Dad’s work 1st.
7. Homeschool conventions really are worth the $, time and effort.
8. Libraries buy good books if that is what patrons request. Visit often.
9. Stay healthy through healthy food, regular rest and exercise.
10. Carschooling works!
Lord, We pray that our children find good friends filled with Your Wisdom. We pray they will be discerning. Mostly we pray for the strength to fight the good fight.   Amen

What advice have you been given that really passed the test of time?     


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