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Lasting thoughts about The Pope's visit.

Posted by nechc on April 28, 2008

Celebrating Mass with pope left a lasting impression
By MONSIGNOR MICHAEL MULLEN Special to The Star http://www.kansasci story/593466. html

I was privileged to concelebrate Mass with Pope Benedict twice in New York, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday, April 19, and at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, April 20.This was my first visit to Yankee Stadium.
I grew up knowing it as “the house that Ruth built.” I will remember it as “the house of Hope that Pope Benedict built.”
I would like to share seven lasting impressions that will stay with me. Pope Benedict XVI is:
•A person of prayer. Whether in private prayer or leading smaller or larger groups, the Pope has a beautiful spirit of prayer.He sets the example that prayer always precedes the good we do.
•A person of compassion. Pope Benedict consoled 24 people at Ground Zero. He ministered to 50 disabled and handicapped youth. He brought concern and healing to abuse victims.I was a few feet away when the Pope stepped aside to greet a boy with muscular dystrophy at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The boy and his mother will never forget the moment.
•A person of God’s wisdom. At the United Nations, St. Patrick’s and Yankee Stadium and on every occasion Pope Benedict said God’s Word teaches us truth about ourselves, our neighbors, the world, and about God Himself.
•A person appreciative of the United States. The Pope praised religious freedom and our generosity.He quoted the words on the Statue of Liberty. He called on us to be our best selves, in service to life here and abroad.
•A person close to all races, nationalities and creeds. I will remember the ecumenical prayer and meetings.Pope Benedict greeted persons of every race. Prayers at Mass were offered in English, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Polish, Croatian, Tagalog, Igbo, Akan, Korean and Chinese.
•A person of inspiration. The Pope is 81 years of age. He devotes all his energy to his mission.That spirit of service radiated to me and, I felt, to everyone.
•A person for Christ. The theme of the pastoral visit of the Holy Father was “Christ Our Hope.”Pope Benedict urged us to live in hope. What a blessing!
Monsignor Michael Mullen is pastor of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Kansas City, Kan.

HT to Kathy of A-Catholic-HS-Moms a Yahoo group.


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