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Formation Corner June

Posted by nechc on June 10, 2008

Month of the Sacred Heart Lynda Collins’ Formation Corner                    How can we make reparation to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the countless offences and outrages committed against Our Lord especially in The Most Blessed Sacrament?Simply by being obedient to Our Lord’s request to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Jesus asked her to spread devotion to His Sacred Heart on the first Friday of nine consecutive months, go to confession and receive Holy Communion for the intention of repairing the sins of  outrages, sacrileges and indifferences that wound His Most Sacred Heart which loves us so much.Not only do we appease Our Lord in this pious devotion, we heap upon us tremendous blessings and graces promised to us through Saint Margaret Mary.Furthermore, if one (with good will) works on rooting out sin, especially deliberate venial sin, such as detraction, vanity, and sloth. (just examples), if we continue to work on these sins and continue to live in the state of grace in conformity to God’s Holy will, one can surely and purely bring such praise to Jesus’ Divine Heart through our act of love in our sanctification. Moreover, one can sanctify the whole body of Christ, the church.There is a beautiful lay apostolate I would like to introduce to you. The Consolers of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. www.consolers.orgThis lay community is consecrated to Jesus through Mary by fervent prayer, sacrifices and good works in union with the teachings of The Holy Mother Church in obedience to our Holy Father. Through this commitment, all promise to console the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Please visit the website to learn more and consider becoming a member. This is such a beautiful apostolate much needed in today’s world. It is very simple not at all a burden to one’s state in life it can  easily fit into the daily life of anyone. It is a noble act of love to offer oneself for the love of the most Sacred hearts of Jesus and His beautiful mother Mary.I also would like to recommend The Letters of Saint Margaret Mary, in reading her letters, I can’t help to realize that I myself am so far from living the life of a true saint. For example she had a strong sincere desire to share in Christ’s sufferings and longed for humiliations. I don’t know about you but when I feel a headache coming on I run for two Tylenol. Or when I am corrected of a fault, I feel the need to defend myself. I don’t think we should ask for sufferings but when they come our way, wouldn’t it be incredible if we could embrace them and thank God for them? We don’t have to extraordinary things, every little thing excepted in love is huge in the merits of Jesus Christ. This is a magnificent way to console Our Lord’s Sacred heart. The heart that loves so much, so tenderly. The saints writings really increase the desire to console Our Lord Jesus. Her encounter with Christ is remarkable.I pray that we all grow in the fire of Divine Love, that we continue to strive for perfection. That our hearts be like unto thine.  May our hearts be magnets to attract others to Jesus, may we radiate Christ with a light so bright the whole world would know that this is the true historical church The Holy Catholic Church by our example of  Christian charity and love.Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on us and on the whole world. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us! God Bless You All!Sincerely in Jesus Sacred Heart,Lynda CollinsPS It is the to Sacred Heart of Jesus that our homeschool support group has been dedicated to over the years. Many other support groups also, due to the suggestions of TORCH Tradition of Roman Catholic Homeschools.


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