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New England Catholic Homeschool Conference

Posted by nechc on June 12, 2008

Spread the word:

There will be a
New England Catholic Homeschool Conference!
June 6, 2009
St. George Parish
Chicopee, MA

The facility is perfect and right off the Mass Pike. There has not been a large conference in over a decade! We promise a full, energizing, helpful conference with Speakers you’ll want to hear and lots of vendors.

But pray for us! None of us have done this before.

(yes I’ll set up a web page but for now look here  at

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You.


6 Responses to “New England Catholic Homeschool Conference”

  1. Phyllis Charpentier said

    I look forward to attending! I’m from southern Worcester County and read about your plans on the LEAF network.

  2. Christine Smith said

    I am definitely looking forward to a Catholic homeschool conference. I will definitely be marking my calendar for this!!…..God bless and help you achieve your goals!….Christine (central MA)

  3. mum2best7 said

    So Excited! Keep spreading the word.

  4. Wendy said

    I’m looking to host a curriculum booth at a home school convention in the area. Do you have a place for vendors at your conference? If so, would you be interested in having a Tapestry of Grace booth there? Also, what is your expected attendance? Thanks, Wendy

  5. mum2best7 said is the email I am using to ask Catholics who use Tapestry of Grace their opinion.

    I have heard good things about the company and like when a Christian program is of use to all Christians! If the texts are not intended to teach the Faith and Doctrine, and are not in opposition to it they should be welcome.
    Canon Law supports our Bishop in saying texts and resources intended to teach the Faith and Doctrine should be approved. For our purposes (limited time to review books) having Nihil Obstat or an Imprimatur would suffice.

  6. Karen McCann said

    I’m a Catholic homeschooler in Rhode Island and I am looking forward to your 2009 conference! Regarding Tapestry of Grace, I don’t know anything about their program but I just want to say that we are using “Connecting with History,” a Catholic history program that focuses on salvation history from the perspective of the Catholic Church, with the idea that Christ is the center of history and that everything studied in the history of our world must be understood through Christ. We just studied Abraham and the idea of God’s covenant with Israel, and looked at Mesopotamia as the place he came from and the culture in which he lived, not simply as an ancient civilization. We covered their achievements and culture (my kids loved it!) and how their culture and beliefs differed from those of Abraham. The thing is, as Catholics, our approach to history is unique. This program includes salvation history and Church history as well as secular history. Tapestry of Grace is probably a good program, but as Catholics, we have been given the fullness of truth. The Catholic approach to history offers more (especially when dealing with Church history)! I encourage you to look at RC History’s website. Their website is It offers a four-year repeating cycle of study spanning all of history from creation through modern times, organized by the Classical learning levels. My two daughters are in 2nd grade and 5th grade, and we study history together with this program. It takes some time to implement, but it’s well worth it! We are learning so much about God’s plan for humanity, and for His Church. Thank you!

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