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Pro Life Corner July

Posted by nechc on July 6, 2008

The days pass so quickly – so much is always going on… of course, we pray for the unborn, for an end to abortion, for conversions everyday. Have you begun to notice that abortion has become more of an “issue” to deal with (one among many!) than a hard reality?
Recently, one of my daughter’s little baby dolls broke – again. “Forget it,” I thought, and tossed it into the garbage. I had already fixed it once before. What a heartbreaking reminder that became- even seeing an image of a tiny child in a trash can just rent my heart again over the reality that is abortion. “This is real. This happens thousands of times
A DAY in our country alone!” God help us! Have mercy on us!
Friends, lets do everything we can to never forget. This is not an “issue,” it is a deeply disturbing, daily reality that helpless little people are discarded like so much trash every day. Let’s pray to God to keep us on task in whatever pro-life work we may be able to do. Let’s teach our children always to love and respect life. Let’s be open to God’s promptings in each of our lives, to whatever it is He may ask us to do now…maybe its time to start picketing again? Be more diligent in praying the Rosary? Speak out a little more courageously when we can? Volunteer at a problem pregnancy center or a pro-life organization?
Whatever we may be able to do, let us resist the tendency to just allow abortion to “blend in” with the host of other problems we are trying to deal with. This one is far too real, too close, too deadly, to ever grow tired of fighting against.


PS From Mary: Pray for Bethlehem House, hazardous mold has forced us to serve women from other locations.


2 Responses to “Pro Life Corner July”

  1. Deb said

    Dear Karen and others that homeschool in Western Mass,
    My husband and I are moving from Washington State to Springfield, MA. We are looking for a parish in Springfield or close surrounds that is orthodox in its teaching and strongly pro-life. Usually homeschoolers (when our son was young we homeschooled) know where to find parishes that are welcoming to devout families. We’ve twice participated in 40 Days for Life here in Kitsap County and have also helped as parish coordinators for Benedict House, a local homeless shelter. Do you have any suggestions for us?


  2. mum2best7 said

    Right now our Diocese is in a state of change. Our Bishop has been working hard to deal with the abuse scandal, our financial changes and population shifts. Many parishes in Springfield are just wonderful! There are several homeschoolers and solid Pro-Life families in St Catherine of Siena and at Holy Cross parish. My sister loves having the Cathedral as her parish. Holy Name is doing great things and is the current home for Cursillo retreats and a monthly Mass of Healing. Check out the website at and you might want to order our award winning Catholic Observer biweekly news magazine.

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