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Minutes from 7/07/08

Posted by nechc on July 8, 2008

Draft: Letter to Founding Vendors
Bylaws of WMCH
Letter to Friends and volunteers

Christine led prayer. We took our agenda and worked one topic at a time:
Agenda for meeting on July 7th

1. Form Board and rules so we can create a separate entity with a
checking account.

Western Mass Catholic Homeschoolers is a Not for Profit organization with the following Statement of Purpose:
Our families come together in order to support each other, as obedient Roman Catholics, and to bring the Catholic way of life to greater fruition and brilliance in our homes.
We have as our foundation, and the guiding principle of all our activities, fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, especially to our pope, Benedict XVI, Vicar of Christ.
Thus we affirm the Magisterium on contraception and other life issues as central to our mission as families. As emphasized in the Second Vatican Council, we parents have a most solemn obligation to educate our offspring. Therefore we are the primary educators of our children. As lay faithful, we are dedicated to promoting home education among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s primary education at home.

Board of Directors and Bylaws:
Co-Leaders are Mary Brazeau and Christine Hebert, Challenge Liason is Jane Seaver. San Damiano liason is Peggy Towsley.
Co-Leaders will assign Secretary work each month and have minutes created and saved.
Co-Leaders will handle finances with help of the board, which can be up to 5 people.
Board should always include liason to Challenge and San Damiano youth group and Co-op.
Members may vote on issues by phone or through the web site.
Meetings to be held at least monthly.
A bank account will be opened in the name Western Mass. Catholic Homeschoolers and will be used for membership payment and all monies to run Conference. Donations toward use of facilities may pass through this account. Gifts to Co-op volunteers May Not. Group purchases for books and supplies may come from this account.
Elections for Leaders will be held if necessary in June annually (after all events)
All members are encouraged to volunteer for the board. Those no longer homeschooling may be auxiliary members if interested and voted in.
Leaders and the Board agree to uphold our Statement of Purpose.
Annual Financial report will be generated following the payment of all expenses for the Conference.

The bylaws we wrote reflect the difficulty in getting us all together for a meeting and input from those who have sent in information. If you have ideas or input now please contact myself or Christine ASAP.

2. Create letter to top 20 vendors with special deal for conference
done  and attached

3. Request numbers of New England customers from top vendors to create
firm business plan and recruit speakers and vendors with those numbers.
done in above letter

4. Request letter to all homeschooler/ contacts: if they register early
to provide us with start up funds they will be listed as a founder.
These funds will purchase paper, stamps, envelopes, etc.
done and attached

5. Plan next meeting on July 21st.

Again, the meeting is at 74 Pearl St Holyoke, MA (413-533-0045) at 7 PM
If you can’t attend please pray for us.


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