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ProLife Corner

Posted by nechc on August 31, 2008

I walked up the steps to the Supreme Court house in Washington, D.C. with the rest of our group. Our school was on a two day tour recently, and our guide was taking us to the prominent places in the neighborhood. At the top of the stairs, I turned and looked back toward the street. There down of the sidewalk, were two students, Kelsie and Mike. Turns out the were forbidden to pass beyond that point. Why? They were both wearing Tshirts with clear ProLife messages. They could go no closer according to the guard.

I was told it is because the Justices must be completely objective and un-influenced by anyone or anything that the ProLife message was kept at bay. In one way, that seems reasonable enough.  Let’s allow our highest judges in the land some freedom from undue influence or pressure in their decision making, right?
But wait a minute. Think for a moment about what’s happening here. The fact that this court could have ever decided in favor of KILLING UNBORN CHILDREN IN THE FIRST PLACE is so deep an assault on human sensibilities that, for all too often, the whole idea of it seems surreal. Killing babies? Legally? Protected? This should never have become an “issue!”
The most basic common sense would have brought us to a different conclusion!
Well, Its 35 years past that, and here we are, the abortionists tools still claiming a million and a half babies’ lives each year. The Supreme Court Justices still struggling to “figure this out?” I left the group to be with those on the sidewalk. God help us.

Upcoming event:
Kelly Walsh is in the planning stages of forming a ProLife teen group. The first meeting was in August.  They will meet every 2 weeks at the Walsh’s home. There will be education offered to help strengthen our ProLife children who rather “inherited” their convictions (and do believe it!) but may need the facts and the ability to back up their convictions. The hope is to begin regular, activist efforts by the teens, praise God. Teens are always welcome to work with the experienced members of Mass Citizens for Life at their Big E booth.



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