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Spiritual Life Corner

Posted by nechc on August 31, 2008


Welcome Back to the school year of 2008-09.

I hope you all had a very fun and restful summer.

I am sure you are all aware of Pope Benedict XVI declaration of the Year of Saint Paul. (Began June, 8) In this Jubilee year, let us ask this beloved apostle to help us in all of our needs, especially our present intention of guiding us to home school our children to live up to each of their potential.

September is a very hectic month. The new schedule of academics, along with sport commitments, accompanied by all the rest of our daily duties can be extremely overwhelming. This of course is where our good prayer life comes into play. Even if one takes only 5 minutes in the A.M. upon arising, to enter into mental prayer, to ask God to grace all of our needs, to reflect on our weaknesses as well as our strengths, is very helpful to the spiritual life. It is a good practice to call to mind what we need help with and to make some sort of resolution to avoid the situations that cause us not to be in our best frame of mind. Jesus knows all we need before we ask but honestly, do we even really know what we need without reflection? I know, for me, certain noise levels can cause me to be impatient. I try to ignore some of it and pretend it doesn’t bother me, until a little while later, I find myself yelling “QUIET!” and then proceeding to display my annoyance for a bit too long after the fact. Usually, the day goes down hill from there.

The days I start with mental prayer I easily go through the day and prepare myself better to handle that situation that I didn’t attend too well the day before. With Jesus, I can do anything and with HIS help, I can avoid even the smallest fault or sin. Doing things my own way, I see that, at the end of my day examination, I failed miserably. The awesome news though is not discouragement but rather invoking the most incredible attribute of God Almighty and that is ~ HIS MERCY! “ Lord I have sinned, I am sorry, but I trust in your mercy and love, please help me to sin no more.” With that I pick myself up, brush myself off and start again, anew.

 Mom’s and Dad’s thank you for all you do to help raise the saints we need to build up God’s Kingdom on earth. And when you get tired and down just remember: the most noble jobs are not ones that the outside world notices. God does. In union with the whole church, you are doing something so meaningful and important for the honor and glory of The Eternal Father. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget we are a community of believers and we all support one another. Let us remember each other at the table of the Lord in The Holy Eucharist. Here we are truly united in faith, hope, love and truth.

Saint Paul, pray for us!

Love in Jesus,

Lynda C

These 2 Web Sites have a Scripture Study for the Year of St. Paul



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