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October ProLife Corner

Posted by nechc on October 8, 2008

Pro Life Corner by Karen 

                I beg your pardon if you’ve heard this story from me before – many of you probably have, and some more than  once. I submit it because it serves as an example of just how important your pro life witness is right within your family, and to help and encourage all of you to endure the long, hard, often monotonous routine to keep living out your beliefs.
                Our eight child, Anne, was born with Downs Syndrome. It was about a 5 minute process to reconcile with that fact before I found myself helplessly in love with her. Her siblings found her to be just as cute, sweet, lovable, and enjoyable as I did, and I decided not to divulge too much about Down Syndrome so as not to lower their expectations of her. She was born just 2 weeks before Christmas, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception (another added blessing.)
                By the following Christmas (in the year 2000) I was expecting the next baby. It was Christmas Eve, and I thought: Gee, this is a monumental anniversary date – 2000 years since Christ was born! Certainly there must be some special graces coming from heaven tonight! I shared this thought with my eldest child, Katie, who was then 12. “Katie – think of something really special to pray for at midnight tonight!” I said.
                ”OK Mom.” A little while later, when I was passing by her room, she called me. “Mom, I know what I’m going to pray for.” “You do? What is it?” Katie answered,
                 “I’m going to pray that this baby will have Down Syndrome, too.”
Praise God- now that’s ProLife!

Update on the Pro-Life  Youth Group:

There has been a very enthusiastic response to this new group – thank you! Meetings have been every other week on Sunday evenings at 6:00PM. All interested youth are welcome. There is education in Pro Life issues and planning for fund-raising to support Pro-Life ministries, and collaboration with existing pro-life groups to join existing activities such as pickets, vigils, Big E volunteer work for the Pro-Life booth, etc. No one would be required to do anything they may be uncomfortable with. Come and learn – call Kelly  at (413)- 283-9373 for upcoming meeting dates or events.


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