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October Spiritual Life Corner

Posted by nechc on October 8, 2008


Dear Friends,

Welcome to October. October is filled with a month of very beautiful saints. The one I am particularly fond of is Saint Therese The Little Flower also known as Saint Therese of The Holy Face Of Jesus. She had an incredible love and devotion for the Holy Face of Jesus. At recreation time she and the sisters would throw rose petals at the face of Jesus on the crucifix. She used to say that the petals represent her little sacrifices and how deeply she wanted to share in HIS sufferings to save souls.

She didn’t even want to rest in heaven, she promised she would spend her heaven doing good on earth till the end of time. Indeed she has. Devotion to her is so obvious world wide, one can be sure to see a statue of her in almost every church her shrine is visited by millions. She is a saint that we can really truly relate to. She did ordinary things with extraordinary love. She was canonized only twenty-five years after her death. Her feast is October first.

If you have not ever read her biography I highly recommend you do. Her deep love for Jesus, her beloved spouse, can be guaranteed ~ contagious once you have read about her life. I don’t mean to imply that we all don’t love Jesus. I mean that we all can for sure learn from her how to truly have a higher degree of the love she had. I believe she had a perfect love.

This reflection brings me to my next thought. The thought of how we can increase our love. Seeing that fall is here, many are cleaning out drawers and closets getting rid of old things to make room for the new. Or just adding items needed for the new weather pattern and placing spring and summer items in storage. Why am I talking about clothes and closets? Well you see, every year as I am doing this job I can’t help but tie it into the spiritual life. I think; couldn’t I clean out the closet of my soul this way? Couldn’t I get rid of “old habits” and venial sins that take up unnecessary room in my heart? And replace it with Jesus’ everlasting love? Including attachments to material things or memories or places? This is far more important isn’t it?

About 2 years ago I read the most helpful book on how to improve on my spiritual direction the book was called Frequent Confession, Author is Benedict Baur. The advice in this book helped me in such a amazing way that I can’t express in words. You’ll understand when you read the book. The idea is exactly as the title; frequent confession! Weekly! It suggests to start with one sin that has not changed in your life confess that one over and over again, even if it takes a year or two to overcome it and then go on to the next sin that you struggle with. I am not saying don’t work on all of them daily, I am just saying that sometimes when we focus more on one issue we can resolve it faster and then move on to the next.

Just like removing those items you don’t like in your closet or don’t fit you anymore, we can remove the items from our souls that keep us from loving God more. God gave us this great sacrament a channel of healing and mercy. He knows very well what we need, do we know how much we need this sacrament? Do we seriously realize how much grace is poured out upon us in this most blessed place? The grace to sin no more. Do we really understand the power of the words the priests give us in the absolution? Go in peace, your sins are forgiven. What an awesome gift!!

May Jesus in HIS infinite Mercy and Love shower all the necessary graces upon you, to make your souls the most beautiful closet of His dwelling place so that when He Himself looks upon it, He may be pleased, honored and glorified now and forever. Amen.

Love in Jesus,

Lynda C


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