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Catholic Exchange

Posted by nechc on March 9, 2009

Our own Karen Lynn Ford wrote about our support group and our conference here.


2 Responses to “Catholic Exchange”

  1. Tom Kelly said

    I am the father of four children. They have all attended Catholic primary schools and high schools. Our youngest has just entered a private Catholic high school. Home schooling is fine for areas of the country where a Catholic school is not available. My wife and I are ardent supporters of Catholisc schools. Although some Catholics prefer home schooling, there are many wonderful educational opportunities available in traditional Catholic primary and secondary schools. I don’t mean to be confrontational but our children have received a fine spiritual and traditional education in our local Catholic schools.

    • mum2best7 said

      I completely respect your decision to send your children to Catholic schools and the sacrifice that requires. I also respect, and am one, who uses the public schools– my oldest 2 spent a year in parochial then went to public high school. (One now goes to a public college, the other to a provate, liberal arts Catholic college.)
      There are so many reasons why Homeschooling may be best for a child or a familiy and this site is intended to help them find answers. Our diocese has been supportive of us recognizing that, even if we all moved to the same city and all volunteered as many hours as we currently teach our children– it would not solve the problems our parish schools are currently having. In the meantime it gives me an affordable way to educate my children and gives me time to stay home with them and volunteer with Sacrament Prep and choir at my beloved parish.
      It is what God has called me to do.

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