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What to do with children?

Posted by nechc on March 30, 2009

We have received several emails like the one below and hope this helps:

On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 04:08:14 -0700 (PDT), a young family wrote
We are new to homeschooling and have never been to a conference 
before. If we attended, what do we have with our three young
children? Is there any activities for them?
Thank You,
young family

Hi young family!

I have only been to the MassHOPE Christian conference (which never has Catholic vendors but is very inspiring and huge!) and once went to NJ for the C.H.A.P.L.E.T.conference. (long drive, small but lovely!) Once I brough a nursing baby. Twice went with my husband only and once alone. I’ve been researching the other conferences around the country and they are all different.
This is the first time this facility will be used as a conference center and our group is rather small in terms of volunteers available so we are reluctant to have too many children. Our group’s teens, who will be volunteering under very specific supervising parents, will be attending– but we do not have a teen tract like the huge conferences– separate speakers, supervision etc.
We will have a nursing baby room so babies overwhelmed by noise, who need a quiet nap or a safe place to crawl, will have a place. Beyond that we are unable to accomodate children -if fact we have heard some vendors will not bring materials or will not come if there are too many children due to loss of product and lack of sales: parents watching kids aren’t looking at as many books.
We do hope to expand next year if the first year is successful. That said: if you want to make a family weekend out of it there are many great places locally to go with children:
The Holyoke Children’s Museum and Holyoke Merry Go Round at Heritage State Park, the Springfield Science Museum and Basketball Hall of Fame, and right in Chicopee is Szot Park with a playground, room to roam and this.
It is really important to think of a homeschool conference as a Teacher Development Day, Staff meeting between principal and teacher and curiculum developer, even a Parent/Teacher Conference! The inspiring talks, time to have adult discussions and chance for feedback from other homeschoolers is invaluable. That is what we hope to give you (and why my Dear Husband is living without ironed shirts and decent meals!)

I hope this helps and that you can attend this year— and next!

With Devotion to His Sacred Heart,
Mary and the Team at WMCH


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