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Same Day Registration

Posted by nechc on May 16, 2009

Thanks to everyone who called this week! We can’t wait to meet all of you and appreciate the effort you are making to drive from Maine, get sitters in Rhode Island or find care for elderly relatives in Connecticut and replace your printer out in Facebook land. We are doing all we can to make your efforts worth while.

Please, if you hope to come but have not registered, send us an email at or with your name and contact information and we’ll be ready for you.

Registration Tables and Nursing Room will open at 8:30 AM

Thanks, Mary, Christine and the Team


4 Responses to “Same Day Registration”

  1. Tracy Ventura said

    I have dropped the above email addys a note stating that I will be attending the conference (can’t wait!) Is there anything further I need to do for same day registration? Thank you, Tracy

  2. Danielle B. Lajoie said

    I have never been to a homeschooling conference & am so excited for this is a Catholic one! Thank you.

  3. mum2best7 said

    The email note is exactly what I need– just include name and contcat information.
    We’re excited too! There hasn’t been a large Catholic Conference near here in over a decade.

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