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That they may be one

Posted by nechc on May 25, 2009

Yesterday’s Gospel from St John is the Scripture the Lord led me to when I was praying about what I hoped our homeschool Conference would be. That Christ knew prayer for Unity was important, not only that He should speak to His heavenly Father about it, but that He should be sure His Apostles heard His prayer, spoke to my heart.
So know that I am praying for each of you:
The retired homeschooler wondering if it was worth it…
The graduate explaining your education to every new employer…
The one just considering homeschooling…
The one considering giving up…..
The one who has only homeschooled…
The one who doesn’t have a single supporter of homeschooling…
The one with a genius kid and the one with 3 kids all with different learning difficulties….
The one who is constantly exhausted by pregnancy and the one with secondary infertility…
The one whose husband doesn’t support homeschooling and the one only homeschooling because her husband thinks its best……….
The one homeschooling to teach the Faith and the one who is just considering adding Religion to their program………..
The people who love Seton, Classical, Montessori, Waldorf, Relaxed, Creative, Unit study and Unschooling…………
For all of you that Christ wants to be in Unity with today.


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