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Big News!

Posted by nechc on January 19, 2010

Western Mass Catholic Homeschoolers is proud to announce that our featured speaker will be

Susie Llyod
  author of Please, Don’t Drink the Holy Water!
and now Bless Me Father For I Have Kids.

Also Speaking, besides Allison Gingras and Laura Eckroat will be Nissa and Brian Gadbois. Brian is in Worcester’s Deaconate program. They own a farm and several businesses. Nissa specializes in using Waldorf methods of teaching in a truly Catholic enviroment.

Other workshops are in development as is a delicious plan to feed you! (I’m hungry already!)

Most importantly, our Registration page has the forms up.

Priests and Religious who Register by March 31st will be FREE!
Invite your pastor or DRE Now!

Homeschoolers who register by May 5th get Last Year’s price!


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