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May 2010 Newsletter ready/ Conference Ready

Posted by nechc on April 26, 2010

Samples of our Catholic Cantor went to everyone on the email list from last year’s Conference so you can share with all your homeschool friends. We hope everyone Registers by May 5th for great pricing and encouraging the Vendors to fully participate.

Your Registration fee is less than you usually spend on Shipping!

Bring a Grandparent for just $10 extra
— they can make sure you still hear the important talks if the baby is feeling ‘busy’!
Come alone with your DH: Dear Husband!
—Have time to hear each others opinions uninterrupted. do you remember what that’s like?
Bring your High School student for just $10 extra
— Letting them have a say in their education helps them have ownership and commitment. Great opportunity to teach them how to voice their opinion well on important issues.

Bring a list
—basics, necessary items
—and a wish list-special things to inspire on difficult New England Winter days
—things you already have! (For a while I had two Saxon Algebra 1/2 sets.)
Bring necessities
—check book, credit card, ID, some cash
—appetite! Great food available here and in neighborhood
—comfy shoes
—Backpack, tote bag or crate on wheels
—Open Heart! Open Mind!
—Address labels– easy mailing list sign up and exchange with new friends!


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