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Door Prize list!

Posted by nechc on May 23, 2010

Large quanity of Door Prizes this year!
These are from Bezalel Books.

For little ones:
Lonny the Lizard Finds a Treasure by Joan L. Kelly
When Kids Dream and Trucks Fly by Rosemary McDunn
Finbar’s Heavenly Father by Trudy Schubert
Little Rainbow Rosary by Rose Maria Dennis

Boys 9-12:
Hiding the Stranger Trilogy by Joan L. Kelly
All Things Guy by Teresa Tomeo, Molly Miller, Monica Cops and Cheryl Dickow

Teen Girls:

All Things Girl book and journal by Teresa Tomeo, Molly Miller, Monica Cops and Cheryl Dickow
Walk New a way of the cross for teens  by Kathryn Mulderink
Daily Direction for Teenz by Catherine Wasson Brown

For Mom:
The Eucharist Assembled by Marie Wilson
Taste and See Faith Recipes for the Soul by Marie Wilson
Newsflash by Teresa Tomeo
Renewing Your Christian Self by Cheryl Dickow

They also sent bookmarks for the welcome bags.  The value of these books is over $200 from Bezalel and even more if purchased from Amazon.

Plus Lift Up Your Hearts Written and Arranged by Alex Duketow

and Art Through Faith by Seton Home Study School

and 1 CD and Corresponding Children’s Songbook from The Homeschool Edition from Kate Duneluk of Making Music Praying Twice

1 surprise by Mary Kay Cosmetics from my friend and fellow homeschooler Katie Gallagher.

This is 17  …. And we expect more!


One Response to “Door Prize list!”

  1. nechc said

    Just received a copy of Little Saints Preschool from

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