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Buying multiple copies?

Posted by nechc on June 13, 2010

At the Conference last week I did manage to have a little shopping time. I bought copies of Small Steps for Catholic Moms for my youngest sisters. Then I indulged in Nancy Larson Publishing Science 2. It arrived already and is SO jam packed with stuff. (I don’t know that we’ll wait for September. Mommy is actually excited.)
It’s one of those programs where, years ago, I may have been tempted to just buy the one set and not purchase a student book for each of the extra kids. But I have learned to hate making copies– I never do it in time anyway. Its bad on my printer ink and paper supply even though my husband buys paper for a living.
But most of all its bad on my conscience. These publishers work so hard to develop great materials, to advertise them, to be available to support us, to be present at conferences so we can see them before we purchase. Copying means telling that business/author we don’t really value your hard work and don’t mind if you go out of business.

But here is a business telling you from their perspective, kindly. Please read!


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