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Advent Day of Reflection

Posted by nechc on November 29, 2010

For Families and Friends/ Potluck style

Open Invite:

Sunday December 5th
Holy Cross Hall
Holyoke Mass

Offered by WMCH for all families and their friends.
Run by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.
Confession will be available.
PotLuck– bring anything!
Group will purchase drinks, dishes etc.

RSVP by phone or email to Mary @5330045 or


2 Responses to “Advent Day of Reflection”

  1. nechc said

    What an amazing afternoon! Everyone should find out about what the Pontifical Mission Societies are doing in their Diocese!

  2. Jeff Brazeau said

    It was a a really good event; too bad more people did not take advantage of it. Glad I was there and I got to confession to boot!

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