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Ideas for Affording the Conference

Posted by nechc on April 3, 2011

This site has some great ideas:

Accidentally Homeschooling…: Thrifty Thursday: Homeschool Conventions for Less

Let me add:
1. Pray! God knows what you need.
2. Wear comfy shoes so you can visit every vendor you want.
3. Bring address labels- great way to get on the mailing lists you want.
4. Enter the raffles and door prizes! Now you have an excuse to stay till the end.
5. Take the nursing baby! You’ll do better  if you aren’t worried.
6. Start with the Catholic Heritage Curriculum online conference. Now you know which speakers you really need to hear in person and which you won’t mind hearing on CD later.
7. Pay for your ticket as part of a Lenten/Easter/Mother’s day/Father’s Day gift to your family. A better Mom/teacher who is spiritually refreshed is the best gift for your family!
8. Look up the cost to put your children in a good Catholic school including uniforms, gas and fundraisers. For me that would be nearly $15,000 if I include High School. $500 in registration, sitter, gas and new books is nothing!
9. Worried about the kids at home? Hire a college education student! I came home to very happy kids, pictures of their day and projects they kept to remember their special day. I was not missed!
10. Pray again! Trust God. he loves your children more than you do and will make this work!

“The one that called you is faithful and He will do it!”
1 Thes. 5:24

St John the Baptist, pray for us that we may faithfully follow the calling God has given us in our Baptism and the Baptism of our children. Amen


2 Responses to “Ideas for Affording the Conference”

  1. nechc said

    Bear in mind when reading the blogpost from Accidentally Homeschooling that she is writing specifically about the Masshope conference so some of her suggestions, like the hospital cafeteria, apply to that conference, but not to NECHC. Sorry, there is no hospital cafeteria. There are several small restaurants and diners, though. We also will have food available in the school cafeteria that will be very reasonable and if you bring your own, we won’t make you eat outside. 🙂

    Christine Hebert

  2. JEn Mc said

    great ideas. Maybe we could share the college student for a day camp type thing? If I sent my 2 to the school of my choice it would be about $22,000. yikes. (of course that is w/o financial aide) but ya my conferance budget outa be able to buy some table out. hee hee. looking forward to a great day. Not to mention all the free info in the welcome bag that keeps me busy for weeks after. That’s like another conferance all by itself. We should host a post conferance meeting a couple weeks after to talk about what we learned.

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