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Why attend a conference? (Sent to me through a conference planner yahoo group.)

Posted by nechc on May 5, 2011

email from Sacred Heart below:


I have pondered for some time now wondering why homeschool conference
attendance has dropped in the last few years. Yes, I believe the economy
and gas prices have played a role, but I also believe the internet has
played a major role. The internet gives us social media outlets such as
Facebook and Twitter. We also have various e-mail groups that we belong
to, blogs to read and so many places we can go to learn and to connect.

I am thankful for the internet, but it does not take the place of the
human connection. Attending homeschool conferences rejuvenates us. We
make contact with friends from the past and make new ones for the
future. Our hearts and souls are renewed by the people we meet, the
stories we hear from other parents, the hugs given, and the talks we

We cannot hug someone through Facebook. We cannot see someone’s face who
is sharing their burden with us and they cannot see the concern and love
on our faces. The joy of laughter and a twinkle in someone’s eye cannot
be seen or really felt. With the communication on the internet we know
people care, but again nothing takes the place of the human connection.

Conferences are held to help families grow stronger in their Catholic
faith, but also to know in their heart of hearts that yes, homeschooling
is what is best for their family. Talks at conferences are not just on
homeschooling, but are also on topics that will help us to grow in
holiness, to grow strong in our marriage and to help our families get to
heaven. Conferences inspire us to continue the mission God has set forth
for us, to homeschool our children.

Conferences inspire us. Conferences make us step back and contemplate
our homeschool in order to ask ourselves how are we doing and is there
anything we need to change. Conferences remind us that we are parents
first to our children and teachers second. Conferences give us the
encouragement to continue to say YES to God’s calling for our family.
Last, but not least conferences give us the human connection that we so
badly need.

This past weekend was the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators
Conference. They had wonderful talks and lots of vendors to visit. The
smiles I saw from everyone were so joyful to see. It was like a large
family reunion. Everyone was making connections to continue the mission.
I received so much from attending these conferences. You may say, ‘But
you are just a vendor and don’t attend the talks,’ and I would say,”Yes,
you are correct. But, even in vendor halls the conference continues with
conversations, questions, and help for all.’ This weekend my friend (all
my customers are my friend and family), Jacqueline said she came to the
conference in order to give me a hug. That was her mission and in so
doing this she made my heart sing.

Many hugs were given. Laughter was heard all around. Hearts were shared.
Burdens were lifted. The Holy Spirit was moving and the human connection
was made.

I hope that you will be inspired to attend a conference with your
friends and family this year and join all of us in making the human

God Bless,
Linda Nelson
Sacred Heart Books and Gifts
Sent from Him to serve you


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