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Thank you!

Posted by nechc on June 26, 2011

Attendees– for your kindness, appreciation, and participation.
Speakers– for sharing the Wisdom and Knowledge God has graced you with humbly.
Priests and Religious– Your vocations inspire us.
Vendors– your sacrifice in attending, shipping, discounts, and advertising is deeply appreciated.
(especially Seton, HSLDA, Pauline Books and Media, Kolbe, Nancy Larson Science, Teaching Textbooks and the colleges and the new vendors who gave us a try.)
St. Stanislaus Principal, Priests, Janitors and Volunteers– Your welcome and hospitality during such a hectic week was so kind and Christlike! And your pierogi’s are so delicious!

(My fellow committee members– your generosity and your hardworking husbands bring me to tears. I love you and thank God for you always.)

Our biggest Thank You this year is to Thomas More College, Mark Schwerdt and Dr. William E Fahey. TMC has offered to take over running and hosting of the New England Catholic Homeschool Conference for its 4th year at their Merrimack, NH campus. This will be a ministry to the poeple of New England and Catholics everywhere.

They will be managing the website, email and logistics. I am sure homeschoolers who want to help will be greatly appreciated.

Come back here soon for information on next year, MP3 Downloads of this year’s talks and photos of our day which should be available within a week.



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Vendor Photos

Posted by nechc on June 13, 2009

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Set up photos

Posted by nechc on June 13, 2009

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Homeschooling Myths

Posted by nechc on March 8, 2008

Our local paper has an interactive web site that I often have used when stopping for the paper or even just having time to read it before its recycled becomes difficult. This morning I had lots of time to explore. DH is off on a training program for a week and until I hear that his plan has landed safely I won’t be very efficient. Many myths were apparent in the discussion. Granted, people who have experienced homeschoolers have of course seen us on our bad days.
Here is what I’ve shared:

I came across this, and the previous discussion after being away from the site for a long time. You’ll find most of us who homeschool don’t have as many connections to public education so fewer of us will be here to offer insights.
A few I’d offer:
1. Every kid has their ups and downs. I do not blame the public high school or colleges my oldest 2 have attended for any behavior I didn’t like. Nor do I let the 6-7 years I homeschooled them imply that I am the one responsible for every good thing they accomplish. No parent gets a guarantee!
2. Having homeschooled each of my 7 for some or all of their education over the last 12 years, I do not know one person who does not put effort into socialization. We do, as a group however, define it differently. I try to help them grow to be an individual who is not peer dependent and yet capable of interacting well with peers. I also put a premium on interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds. By being present when they interact and offering correction or guidance when appropriate, poor behaviors are less able to become habits simply because a particular teacher may not have time to share what is seen in the classroom.
3. When we teach a subject that is not our strength we often openly learn alongside our student, demontrating we really believe learning is a life long endeavor. In those cases we take advantage of the many experts available across the country through professional tutors, accredited on line schools, local retired teachers or a fellow homeschooler who does have that expertise.
4. We have 25 students meeting every Monday in our co-operative learning program which is just one of many available. A different group of  students have social time on Friday’s through bowling, rollerskating, rotating field trips and First Friday Mass (WMCatholic Homeschoolers.)
In fact,I recently surveyed those who receive the WMCH newsletter The Catholic Cantor and our families are involved in no less than 40 different activities, teams and clubs outside the homeschool community.
4. Many take advantage of the many excellent Catholic, Christian, Jewish,indepentant and Public schools for certain of their children, certain years. In my case my oldest graduated Holyoke last year. My second oldest will graduate with High Honors in June. The experience has been positive for them and our whole family.
5. I may be more able to work with my child’s primary learning style in order to get the most information I can into them, but this doesn’t mean I don’t use other learning styles and teaching methods and insist the work on developing their ability to share what they have learned in writing, speech, and interactive or kinesthetic activities.

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Keep Homeschooling Legal

Posted by nechc on March 8, 2008

Go to Home School Legal Defense’s web site and you will find the home page replaced with a petition link. A recent ruling in a California Juvenile court threatens to make homeschooling illegal.

Please read, sign on line, and pray that homeschooling will remain legal and that our country will balance the protection of the abused with the right of parents to raise their children.

Thank you,

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